Our Classes

We are fully inclusive of everyone who wants to learn to dance – both boys and girls are welcome to all classes.


The hardest dance discipline to ever learn. In ballet, we take it back to basics with our students. We learn discipline in dance, how to point our toes, stretch every limb & use our core muscles. We then progress through our graded work for our older students up to pre-pointe and pointe classes. This is where dance training begins and is a strong foundation for any young dancer.


Now we are big girls & boys but not quite old enough for the big big classes!!
We will take it up a level now and advance on everything we have learnt so far in preparation for our next stage.
In this class we will begin the foundation of the modern and street grades.


This class is designed to help with co-ordination and TEAMWORK! We work individually but predominantly in our squads. The squads create fast energetic dances whilst showing patterns, shapes and our amazing strength and flexibility.


In our street classes we get down to the latest tracks and bring our SWAG!! Perfect if you have any shy children who love to dance but find it hard to bring out their inner diva. Based on commercial street, the students are put through their paces to all their favourite chart music.


A more disciplined class. Any good dancer needs to learn and develop their technique. Within this class, we cover all aspects of technique, turns, jumps, flexibility, stretches, sequence work, and some beautiful combinations.


Get those shoes on and tap out those beats. Learn rhythm, timing and precision of footwork with tap. No matter what age – from our pre-school to our senior students, we all love to put on our tap shoes and shuffle away.

Musical Theatre

Within this class we imagine we are stood on the stages of Broadway or the West End. If you have ever dreamt of treading the boards in your favourite musical then come along and join us. We simply dance our hearts out to all of the musicals both old and new.

Conditioning & Flex

Stretch and tone your body! We need to be flexible as dancers, we also need to be fit and hold our stamina. In this class we work on all our muscle groups to help their flexibility and strength. We also work on our basic gymnastic skills we can incorporate into dance.

Advanced Techniques

Do you want to have extra training on those techniques? Turns, leaps, kicks, jumps, combinations – this is the class for you. Travelling across the floor we repeat and repeat all of those exercises to perfect our techniques.


Let your body go, express through your dance. Within this class we use fluidity and freedom to express ourselves through our dancing, paying close attention to the lyrics and dynamics within the music. Based on our ballet/modern techniques we use these skills to enhance our performance.

TikTok Fun

One of the most popular crazes of the last year and something our students love! Dancing doesn’t have to always be serious. In this class – we learn all the latest tiktok routines and crazes and update to our very own tiktok account each week. A class to let the students just enjoy dancing!!

Baby Ballet & Tap

The start of our ballet/tap journey.
We will twirl around, show our beautiful good toes, learn our demi plies, jump to the sky with our sautés and push away the clouds with our arms. Let’s get those basic ballet moves learnt. Half way through we will switch to our tap shoes and stamp our feet, use our toes and heels and make lots of noise as we figure out how these tap shoes work!!