I honestly can’t recommend this dance school enough. My daughter has been attending for 7 years now and the school really is her second home with the teachers and pupils being her second family. At the age of 2 the teachers held her hand and encouraged her to join classes, and over the years have helped build her confidence and supported her through all her issues which has helped sculpt the person is she today.
The school also provides students with some great opportunities including monthly workshops with some well known choreographers, holiday clubs and competitions. Students can take the exams for various styles or dance for fun, there is no pressure it’s down to choice.
If your looking for a dance school for your child to have fun, feel welcome and develop in more ways than one then Ktz is the one.
Mrs J Brady
My daughter has been dancing at KTZ Dance since she was two years old. What started off as something fun to do on a Saturday has turned in to something that she absolutely adores. She has made so many friends and her confidence has soared. KTZ has a real family feel – everyone looks after and champions each other, whether it’s in classes or competitions. Such a wonderful dance school that I would recommend without hesitation
Mrs Z Mills
Katie first spotted the potential in my daughter when she was 6 yrs old at an after school dance session. We had no idea but decided to take her to lessons as she was always ‘on the go’. At aged 9 she was diagnosed with adhd and dancing helped with discipline and getting rid of energy. Fast forward to 14 and the magic began, she started to really develop her confidence and perform. She could pick up and remember dance steps and routines when she struggled to remember other stuff.
Ktz Dance became her ‘happy place’ when school became very tough. She is now doing a degree in dance at a leading dance academy in Manchester.
KTZ Dance gave her comprehensive dance training across all dance genres and offered her the chance to perform and compete, something that many of her dance peers at uni did not have. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but Katie allowed her to be herself and gave her the confidence to follow her dream. If you have a child with special needs then choose this dance school.
E Jennings
Sienna has attended KTZ Dance for over 5 years. In that period she has grown in confidence and has hugely benefited from being part of such a friendly and well organized dance school. On a number of occasions she has had the opportunity to participate in competitions, summer camps and themed workshops which she has thoroughly enjoyed. She has met a number of new friends through dance and the students are like an extended family. Being a student at the school as not only benefitted Sienna’s confidence but its improved her overall health and wellbeing and given her skill and talent she will have forever. I would highly recommend this dance school to any parent in a heartbeat.
Mrs S Murray
My daughter started at Ktz a few weeks after her 3rd birthday. She’s now almost 6 and absolutely loves dancing.
She’s always been very shy but dancing and the help of her teachers has helped her massively.
She joined the festival team at the age of 4 and I would never have thought she would get on that stage and compete. This has been achieved from the dedication and efforts her teachers have put in with her.
After only doing two dance competitions, Covid hit and everything move to on line. Even 18 months on my daughter still has the same passion, as ktz’s did their up most to engage with the children and keep things going and made it fun which is just wonderful.
Ktz really is a lovely dance school. That always strive to give 110% and this really shows through when watching the students dance.
As a new dance mum that had no idea about dance or competitions, I too have had lots of support from the dance teachers and other mums.
We look forward to seeing our daughter go from strength to strength with the school that we highly recommend and love.
Miss E O’Loughlin